The floor joists under most of the Ell were not doing much to hold up the floor. They did, however, have some stories to tell. Even though I had to remove them (above pile) to make way for a more substantial floor framing, I decided to re-use them in a way that would preserve their stories. I used them as the exposed ceiling joists of the new pine ceiling.

Albert Prescott Paine - Son of Samuel, Jr. and the main householder here upon its completion and until his death many years later

Albert again. Seems like the thing to do was to incribe your initials and date whenever the spirit moved you.

I don't know exactly who EM was (maybe I'll find a reference in the book) but he left his mark here a number of times as well.

This is the most modern of the signatures. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the Stricklands involved over the years here in Painesville, who I think was George's daughter-in-law.