Lots of things happening simultaneously, or, if not exactly at the same time, then sequentially 'just in time'! While I worked on that big pile of salvaged beams, Michael & Charlie framed a new floor in the Ell. The screen porch was enclosed, and with all the walls in place (I hurredly installed the electrical in the exterior walls - 300' of cable in 3 days!) the spray-foam folks came and did their thing. Then, the T&G pine for the ceiling went down - with 4" of rigid foam over it. Now, working inside would be much cooler in the summer's heat!

Soon, I was informed that the North wall of the brick side was in imminent danger of failing and falling to the ground. So, bye-bye wall! A heap-o-bricks at bottom center of the rear wall is the back side of what was apparently the original Rumford fireplace. Unfortunately, there was no real foundation under it - or the rest of the rear wall. Undermined hydraulically over the years, there was no real way to save it.

New Floor - West New Floor, Old Skin in the Ell

Enclose Porch The porch, enclosed

Spraying the Foam Spraying the Foam

The New Ceiling The pine ceiling

Bye-Bye wall! Cool North Breezes! (It would stay like this through the winter)