The fun starts here

It seems every New England farm house has an "Ell" of some description jutting off of the main house. Commonly, this structure would house a kitchen and/or "back" kitchen and sometimes connect to a carriage house or other outbuilding.

This house is no different. From what I have read, the first portion of the Ell (about 16' long by 14' wide) was built at the same time as the brick cape and probably housed a kitchen. Of course, folks in 1826 had yet to discover the joys of any kind of kitchen range - even a wood burning one. Cooking was commonly done on a rumford fireplace where coals were carefully tended from day to day. The friction match had yet to be developed at the time this house was built, and indeed there was a rumford fireplace in what was the original basement of the cape.

Within a few years of the original construction, this Ell saw an addition. This addition was about 28' long by the same 14' width of the Ell, and was built as a woodshed. The timber framing reflects this in the posts and bracing. Over the years, the woodshed evolved into an extension of the Ell and ultimately contained the kitchen and two small bedrooms.

My plan was to turn this area into an updated kitchen (which would also expand to include the back porch area) and a guest suite (bedroom/bath - and even a closet!!).