Skaneateles Lake, 2005

This Year's first (and second) PTFL

We began the 2005 PTFL season on May 7. Our first lake this year was Skaneateles. This particular lake does not offer a direct shuttle route from North to South. So, we decided to do a "North Loop" and a "South Loop" to complete the lake.

Seven of us completed the North loop of Skaneateles on May 7. It started out a picture perfect morning - sunny, cool, calm. The water temp was measured at 42°F (brrr). We launched from the DEC access site near the NW corner of the lake, and proceeded across the lake to the east shore before turning south.

We stopped for lunch at a gravel beach just before the turn at the midpoint of the lake. About lunchtime, we noticed a few ripples on the water, the breeze starting to come up from the north. We turned at Pine Grove point (N 42°50.3´, W-76°20´) and crossed to Fallbrook point for the return to the North. All told, we paddled a total of 15.2 miles, the last few of which were in an increasingly stiff headwind. (Enough already for the first trip!)

On May 21, eight paddlers took to the south end. The forecast was for clouds, showers and increasing northerlies. In fact, it was sunny and calm when we launched, with the water temp in the lake proper measured at 48°F. We decided to go N up the east shore and return S along the west shore. The east shore boasts a collection of fossilized Ram's Horn coral said to be 30 million years old and a remnant of the ancient sea bed. This was our focus as we made our way north.

Finding yet another narrow gravel beach just before our turning point, we enjoyed lunch while again watching ripples increase on the water. This time, at least, we knew the breeze would be in our favor. We crossed once again from Pine Grove to Fallbrook and proceeded south. A few dark clouds came and went with a sprinkle or two. One little squall helped push us quickly into the creek toward the launch. Today's paddle was a total of almost exactly 14 miles, appropriately celebrated at the take-out.

Next up - Cayuga. See you on the water!



















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