By Sea

A collection of (mostly) Sea Kayaking trips

We take to the water for various reasons -
To escape, to connect, to relax, to work out, to learn new things, to see new places, to scare ourselves silly...

While we are out there we sometimes take pictures. Then, when we return, we sometimes collect our thoughts and images and share them with those who could not be there - and also those that were! This is my little photo album for anyone who has travelled with me or is curious about where I have travelled. Links to journals / photos are on your right. Site navigation links are on your left. Please don't get lost in the fog without your GPS :).

I hope to eventually have all the trip images I have collected out here, and of course (more importantly) hope to collect new ones all the time!
If you have anything to add, or any comments, or maybe you'd like to go on the next one, or else you'd like your own little gallery space, please email me. Enjoy.

Another short (?) hiatus, and I give you the Saguenay Fjord. Check it out!
(updated 08-Sep-2013)








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Saguenay Fjord

Dalmatian Coast

Flying Pond Scum

Greenlandic On Seneca 06

Greenland at Sweetwater 06

PTFL in the News 06

PTFL/Cayuga 05

St. Lawrence 05

Georgian Bay 05


Skaneateles 05

Everglades 05

Oswegatchie 04

Georgian Bay 04 -G Mosher

Georgian Bay 04 - H Weidman