Oswegatchie, 2004

Fall in the Adirondacks

As long as I've known him, Dick has run this little weekend trip on the Oswegatchie each October. This is the first year I've joined along - and note that I joined in a canoe ! As it turns out, I spent more time in a canoe in 2004 than the sum of my previous existence!

While I may not a true canoeist yet, the bow seat is getting just a little more comfortable :).

The photos here are contributed by both Frank Cabron and me, kind of mixed up so that they are in roughly chronological order.

While all the pictures are taken in relative nice weather, we did get our share of downpour and thunderstorm on Saturday. Beyond that, this trip prompted me to go buy a winter sleeping bag, as the dew on the tents in the AM on Sunday was definitely NOT liquid!


























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