Greenlandic Intensive 06

The Finger Lakes hosts Greenies in the Rain!

Gray skies. Rain from sprinkles to torrents. Not-so-gentle breezes. Cold(ish) water. But no icebergs!

What's a kayaker to do with conditions like these? Well, the answer is obvious - put on neoprene and GET WET!

Seneca Lake was, on June 3, 2006, home to a group of Finger Lakes Greenies having, well, the MOST FUN you can have in a kayak!

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson were here to offer instruction in rolling and strokes and anything else Greenlandic. They held a morning rolling session, a noontime strokes session and an afternoon rolling session. Harry Weidman joined us to help out in the water and wherever else he could, and when we were all sufficiently wet and cold we dried off and settled in for dinner and a Greenland slide show.

I strongly believe that this is the best possible way to spend a summer weekend. Even a non-summer weekend. Heck, it's a whole lot of fun whenever. It's interesting to note that ALL the "first timers" got a roll of their own! I know a bunch of you are wishing you came out in the rain.... maybe next time! Until then, share our fun through the pictures - just click on a thumbnail at right. Except for a very few noted otherwise, all the photos are thanks to Sue Homsey who dried off early in the afternoon and found the energy to click the shutter without shivering too much :).

Also - Turner is returning on July 31 for a 2-week Skin-On-Frame building workshop. There might be room for one more builder so contact Turner. More Info!

Turner and Cheri operate under the cover of Kayak Ways, LLC


































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