january, 2006

Jennifer Pivovar

The Pivovar Family

With this page and file archives, I hope to tell the story of Joseph & Sophie Pivovar (sic), who came to this country in 1904 with a steamer trunk and boundless optimism.

I have recently located the manifest from the ship that Joseph, my grandfather, was on. I hope to dig through the mounds of weird paperwork that I have to try to locate more details on Sophie, my grandmother.

Restoring the house has priority for now, but I will try to get just a little done here each when I can. Some of the fun stuff like old photos and rememberances I will post to public pages. I am protecting the archives with personal data from public view. Any family member may have access - just send me an email and I'll forward on the instructions.

If you have stuff to include please send it on! Since this will be a lot of organizing and scanning work, this will definitely be an off-season project. I've even put up a call widget so you can call and get on my case for free :).

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