When Dreams Come True...

As long as I can remember, I've wanted to live on a lake. Eventually, I moved to Western New York, home of the Finger Lakes. I spent a few years driving among, between and around them then, in January of 1998, I purchased a little cottage on a half-acre on Seneca's west shore. Since then life has taken many unforseen turns, one of which gave me the opportunity to purchase the adjacent cottage. Now that I had a reasonable sized lot, in 2003 I began the project to turn 2 seasonal cottages into one permanent residence. Some of the many interesting features of this project involve moving my original cottage to a new location and making the decision to craft a Timber Framed home full of wood, stone, and metal.

It's not yet complete... but check in here to see what's new.
Its being built by Al Milanette and his really great crew at Timber Frames, Inc. in Bristol NY.

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Flying Cottage

The Plans


Prep for Framing


They're Pining for Me



Stick Framing & Sheathing


Interior Walls

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